About Cosmetic Dental Care

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About Cosmetic Dental Care

Cosmetic dental care, or aesthetic dental care, as it is also called, is about adjustments of the teeth’s appearance. Modern technology makes it possible to improve both the color and shape of the teeth.
Discoloration, intervals, irregularities and ugly fillings need not be a problem. Today there are several options for those who want a more beautiful smile.
Bleaching has become a common method of getting rid of discolored or yellow teeth. Scaling phases are available for those who want to correct both color and shape. Dental control can sometimes improve function and appearance.

Teeth color

Dental color varies from person to person. The teeth also darken over the years.
The enamel is usually the wittest of the tooth. Below it is the dentin, which is more colorful. Because the enamel is transparent, it is primarily the dentin’s color that is reflected and contributes to the color of the tooth. If the dentine is very yellow, the tooth is felt yellow.

Outer discoloration

The dental color is influenced by food and drink. You have probably heard that red wine, coffee and tobacco can cause discoloration. In the case of superficial discoloration, the or dental hygienist can remove them with a simple cushion.

Deep discoloration

Dyes from food and drink can also give deeper discoloration. Occasionally color changes may also be due to damage to the pulp inside the tooth or to death. In both cases, a bleach may be the solution to get the teeth or teeth bright again.

The color changes over time

Although the enamel is hard and dense, microscopic cracks appear where dye can penetrate. Over the years, the teeth assume a darker color.

Sometimes the gums can retreat and reveal a part of the root surface that consists of dentin. The teeth then look yellower at the tooth neck. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to bleach this part of the tooth. However, there may be other help – talk to your dentist about this!”If you Need healthy teeth? Drink these awesome calcium juices. The Best Vitamix Blender is able to make the juice perfectly to improve your teeth fitness. Find more about the electric blender here”


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