Veneers, Skallfasetter


Discoloration, intervals, irregularities and ugly fillings can be rectified. Today dental care can offer scalpelads.
A scalpel is a thin shell, either made of ceramic material or in composite. It is produced individually for each patient and tooth. The fit will therefore be perfect.
The shell façades work like porcelain loops. They hide cracks, ugly fillings, big spaces or teeth that darkened after injury. And you do not have to worry about losing them. When a facade is stuck, it works as part of the tooth.
It is mainly for future faces like scalves are made. There are many different reasons why a patient wants facades. For example, as a replacement for a rejected piece of a tooth, or as a widening to fill a disturbing gap.
The skull is hard and does not normally loosen because it is glued outside the tooth. And the result is very natural, due to the fact that the facade is similar to the tooth’s own structure – almost like a new layer of enamel!

Getting veneers – phases

If your teeth are small even before the treatment, the dentist usually does not shape them. If, on the other hand, there is a lack of space, a thin layer of enamel must be removed. Usually it is enough about half a millimeter.
The dentist then takes a printout. In this pour plaster. The gypsum model will be a perfect copy of your teeth. This copy is then sent to a dental laboratory where the scale phases are produced.
At the next visit, the patient will be able to try the facades. If it looks good, the dentist glues them.

Composite veneers

The dentist can also build up the tooth with composite. This method is used in particular on front teeth.
A composite phase is done by the dentist sculpting the material in thin layers on the tooth. The durability can be long, but over time, the risk of discoloration increases. One advantage is that composite facades can often be done on a dentist visit.
Compared with ceramic facades, the cost of composite facades is lower. However, durability is usually slightly shorter.

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